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We are Restformation

Restformation Family


We are Restformation.

We are a family of 5, living in the greatest state in the country.  TEXAS!

Travel is my love language.  I believe that the world is a magnificent place and we are meant to enjoy and explore this wonderful gift of creation.  I am one of those weirdos who love to plan a vacation as much as I love going on a vacation.  I can spend hours (if not days) staring at maps, reading travel guides, and planning, planning, planning.

I am not a travel agent, nor do I desire to become one.  I am not a professional blogger, but I am open to the idea of becoming one.  Ha!  I am simply passionate about travel and finding hidden gems in out of the way places.

We are not a “nomadic” family.  We do not live out of an RV or spend months on end living out of a suitcase, staying in a long list of Airbnb destinations.  Although there are many families that have that kind of lifestyle and make it work for them, it is not for us.  We believe that home is base camp.  It is a haven from the outside world and is a familiar place that offers a respite when your travels come to an end.

We are a homeschool family (or “worldschool” as I prefer).   Yes I am that geeky homeschool mom that creates scavenger hunts of the British Museum, is more interested in collecting patches from all of the National Parks than my kids are, and thinks “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” reruns count as legitimate geography curriculum.

My husband & I both work from home.  (I sell essential oils.  He designs golf equipment)

We raise chickens and more recently bees.  (We have a son trying to talk us into raising goats as well.  I’m not sold on that one yet…)

We have a dog named Walter and a cat named Texas.  (The cat’s name was cute when we lived in Ohio.  Now it’s just plain ol’ state pride!)

We are very involved in our church and have been called to serve in Youth ministry.  (Shout out to my Grace Rev peeps!!)

We believe that learning is best achieved by experiences.  And when given the opportunity to explore and gain those experiences, perspective is formed.  We also believe that history is very important.  Unless we understand where we came from, we cannot know where we are going.  Travel is the very best teacher of History.

Travel is the result of a desire to learn about the world around you, whether it is in your local area or abroad.  There are costs associated with travel, and there are many sites out there that are dedicated to budget travel.   Although I love a good bargain, this is not that site.

We work hard so we can rest hard.  The process is called, Restformation.

I hope you will choose to join us in our adventures.  Learn from our travel mistakes and celebrate our successes with us.

See you soon!





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